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I havent heard any of this year’s eurovision entries but im still gonna watch the live show and maybe liveblog idk blacklist “eurovision” and “eurovision 2014”


I’ve seen people talking about Ukraine’s 2007 entry, and the epic sax guy, but where’s the love for Romania’s dub step opera vampire surrounded by dancers in flesh coloured underwear? Because that shit was hilarious

"Dubstep opera vampire" is a perfect name for a band

Track: Daze Retro Remix
Artist: Cyanblur


Mekaku City Actors | Daze Retro Remix

the infamous 16-bit op bug has struck me again, and i do love this series so muchh

Youkoso waga friendship e


*tips fedora* m’ekakushi dan


Duration: 26th April 2014 ~ 27th April 2014
Event: Nico Nico Chou Party 3 ; 「1st PLACE」Booth

「Kagerou Project Rubber Strap (Total of 9)」500yen each
「Kagerou Project Lunch Box Set (Shintarou/Ene/Kido/Seto)」1800yen each
「Mekakushi Dan Character Clear files (A5/2 per set / Total of 5)」400yen each

Of course, there will also be other goods that has already been released!

A special Kagerou Project bag will also be presented for purchases of 3000yen and above! (※On a first-come-fist-serve basis ; ends when stock runs out)

We will be at exhibition Hall 7 Mega Vocaloid Thanksgiving booths 6 and 7.
We will be waiting for your patronage, so please come and visit us!

Please support us!

1st PLACE Corporation official site

Nico Nico Chou Party 3 Mega Vocaloid Thanksgiving


Mekakucity Actors x Shaft Headtilt

This is a prime example of how simply mentioning cartoons is a very easy way to summon people from the AT fandom
Also sunny


My request is really any kind of (consensual) kuroshin.Just do your own thing and I bet it will be awesome.
(And if I ever get any good fic prompt ideas Ill be sure to let you know.)
Chances are I’ll be stalking you from now on so if you do write kuroshin in the future I probably wont miss it.If i do, dont hesitate to link me to it.

Sorry if you wanted this answered privately but I dont trust the tumblr app enough for that.

"Talk to people about your interests" seems like bad advice when everything you are interested in is anime and cartoons.




Did a Miku shirt design, lets hope this turns out well! ( >w6)9

Yes its here!!! And my friend took a video of it in the dark to see the lights responding to music lol! Check it out here: